Jul 4 2011

Alister and Charmaine

It’s been a while since i have blogged and for good reason. What a start to the year! …I admit it’s not exactly the beginning of the year any more yet for me arriving back at work after a very relaxing three weeks off was met by a very hectic schedule  and as such my photography case has sat untouched for quite some time. That is until recently…

Some good friends of mine Alister and Charmaine asked to capture their day in the beautiful surrounds of Gurungup Park and then over to the Moores Building in Fremantle for the reception. The Moores Building in Fremantle is  such a fantastic venue for a reception. Perfect for two of Perth’s talented architects. Decorated with polystyrene trees, rustic rendered walls,  magical lighting and a beer garden not to be forgotten. Alister and Charmaine have also hosted some of the best parties i’ve been privileged to attend so i was quite excited to be photographing the event …I felt i had to up the anti and pull out the stops to come up with something to match those parties!. It came in the form of a last minute addition of a photobooth.  Add a backdrop set up on the dance floor, a couple of props at the reception and hold on to that shutter for the ride! What a wonderful way to capture the candid moments of the reception! A fantastic evening was had by all i’m sure and a very big congratulations to the newly weds. Please click on the image above to go to their gallery.

Thank you for a wonderful night and allowing me to capture your memories. I’ll leave you with a little video of all the photobooth images as a time lapse. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as i do.

Aug 14 2010

Cathrine Ann Summers

Lights, camera, action! Just do your best darling…

Lights? as in off camera?, studio lights?, triggers?. Shit! i have to do some reading! To say i was a little out of my depth here was an understatement. I had planned to do some reading before this shoot but well, life happened and i never had the chance. Luckily for me i had my friend and Craig Byrne helping me out on this one and although he too was a little green in the lighting department i think we ‘winged’ it pretty well. This was a promotional shoot for a good friend of mine Cathrine Ann who is a gifted jazz vocalist. We are indeed blessed to have this angelic voice with us here. Add one wonderfully beautiful Jazz singer model into the mix with a few friends at Padlock Studios in East Perth, cheese, bikkies and enough bevy’s to fuel a bucks party and we had one fantastic day! The shots started out a little stiff and rehearsed but as time progressed we all loosened up to reveal some great shots for promotional media. Not only did the shoot turn out well, friends were made. Thank you to Craig for the help, Samantha and Amanda for the makeup and finally to Cathrine for the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful day. Please click on the photo of Catherine to go to the gallery.

Please stop by cathrineann.com.au and have a look around on your way out.

Jun 28 2010

Keyla Rose

After a little hiatus from baby photography the latest shoot is up in the gallery. 9 Month old Keyla Rose, Daughter of Ines and Thomas. A fantastic shoot albeit in the smallest of rooms!. That being said i reckon the photos came out really well. To Ines and Thomas, thank you very much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughter, it was my pleasure and a big thank you to Keyla for being such a good little girl for the shoot! Please click on the image to go to to the gallery.

Jun 19 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve decided to write a blog as a sort of personal diary to watch how my photography evolves over time and to let you all know what’s going on. It will also be a chance for you to comment on my photography. So please don’t hold back and tell me if you like my photos or if i should pack up and put my camera on ebay and stick with my day job.

My photography started seriously in Aug 2008. After always carrying my point and shoot with me and realising i need a new hobby brought on mostly after a serious mountain biking accident . I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 40D from Pra imaging here in Perth, instantly i knew i had made a good hobby decision and i quickly set out to read as many little snippets from the internet as well as purchasing a few books to teach myself the workings of the camera. One book in particular that i can thoroughly recommend is Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure”. This is a fantastic book  and written in easily digested plain English terms. I really need a book to jump out and slap me in the face for me to read it all the way through. Fortunately Understanding Exposure had me suckered in in the first chapter and kept me entertained enough to read it cover to cover. It taught me the basics that i needed to get started and from there i’ve experimented enough to be confident with my camera.

It’s my one year photography anniversary this month! I have recently upgraded my camera to a full frame 5Dmkii  along with a junket of lenses . I have developed my passion for landscape photography and even delved into the wonderful world of children, baby and toddler photography after photographing my beautiful niece Roisin Mae.  What a great experience it is to capture the little people’s moments in life to be remembered forever. I can see this type of photography becoming much loved.

Where will my photography be in a years time i wonder, i can say that i am looking forward to the places it takes me, the people i meet and the skills i develop! Hopefully my blog creative writing skills will have improved by then as well.