Aug 14 2010

Cathrine Ann Summers

Lights, camera, action! Just do your best darling…

Lights? as in off camera?, studio lights?, triggers?. Shit! i have to do some reading! To say i was a little out of my depth here was an understatement. I had planned to do some reading before this shoot but well, life happened and i never had the chance. Luckily for me i had my friend and Craig Byrne helping me out on this one and although he too was a little green in the lighting department i think we ‘winged’ it pretty well. This was a promotional shoot for a good friend of mine Cathrine Ann who is a gifted jazz vocalist. We are indeed blessed to have this angelic voice with us here. Add one wonderfully beautiful Jazz singer model into the mix with a few friends at Padlock Studios in East Perth, cheese, bikkies and enough bevy’s to fuel a bucks party and we had one fantastic day! The shots started out a little stiff and rehearsed but as time progressed we all loosened up to reveal some great shots for promotional media. Not only did the shoot turn out well, friends were made. Thank you to Craig for the help, Samantha and Amanda for the makeup and finally to Cathrine for the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful day. Please click on the photo of Catherine to go to the gallery.

Please stop by and have a look around on your way out.

Jul 9 2010

Little Archie

Every once in a while i have a little treat in photography. I’m talking about having the wonderful opportunity to take photos of friend’s babies. I did a shoot for Jodi and Pete of their little Archie. Such a nice experience. Congratulations to you both on such a handsome little boy. He’s going to be a heartbreaker …and hopefully a good cricketer! Thanks for the opportunity. Great to meet little Archie too!

Please click on the photo to visit his gallery.

Jun 28 2010

Keyla Rose

After a little hiatus from baby photography the latest shoot is up in the gallery. 9 Month old Keyla Rose, Daughter of Ines and Thomas. A fantastic shoot albeit in the smallest of rooms!. That being said i reckon the photos came out really well. To Ines and Thomas, thank you very much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughter, it was my pleasure and a big thank you to Keyla for being such a good little girl for the shoot! Please click on the image to go to to the gallery.

Jun 2 2010


I’m starting to have a play around with video editing after hearing all the uber cool things i can do with the 5DMK2 so here is a timelapse that i did a while ago. Startrailing out the back of the Perth Hills on a beautiful autumn night. Set up the camera, walk away and sit by the campfire for a couple of hours. Such a great way to spend a night. The images are then stacked and produces some awesome final results! Have to get out there and do some more!

May 11 2010

Jonny Zimber

This week i had the opportunity to shoot something a little different. DJ Jonny Zimber wanted some promotional shots done to use as advertising posters for both events as well as business cards and flyers. I really enjoyed the shoot as it allowed me to be creative not only in shoot but on processing as well. Jonny’s muse is house and being originally from the UK has plenty of flavour. Click on his name above to find out more.