Aug 20 2009


Bemion Beach

The last few months have seen me concentrating on my child photography and it’s been a while since my camera and i have breathed the fresh air of landscape photography.  Half the fun of landscape photography is being out there,  the road trip of travelling to wonderful places and soaking up the view, clambering over rocks all the time trying not to slip and accidentally hurl your bag off a cliff.  That reminds me of a sunset session down at  Benion Beach with Richard Barry and i chatting away  when we notice his camera bag  float past our feet with the ebb and flow of the tide! Thank  god for waterproof bags. Photographing landscapes sure does leave you feeling real. They say that just witnessing a beautiful sight will make you live longer. I’m planning on going up to Bells Rapids soon with Rich to get some slow water shots so stay tuned.