Jul 9 2010

Little Archie

Every once in a while i have a little treat in photography. I’m talking about having the wonderful opportunity to take photos of friend’s babies. I did a shoot for Jodi and Pete of their little Archie. Such a nice experience. Congratulations to you both on such a handsome little boy. He’s going to be a heartbreaker …and hopefully a good cricketer! Thanks for the opportunity. Great to meet little Archie too!

Please click on the photo to visit his gallery.

Jun 28 2010

Keyla Rose

After a little hiatus from baby photography the latest shoot is up in the gallery. 9 Month old Keyla Rose, Daughter of Ines and Thomas. A fantastic shoot albeit in the smallest of rooms!. That being said i reckon the photos came out really well. To Ines and Thomas, thank you very much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughter, it was my pleasure and a big thank you to Keyla for being such a good little girl for the shoot! Please click on the image to go to to the gallery.

Dec 2 2009

Poppie May

Last weekend i had the pleasure of a photo shoot with nine month old Poppie May, what a completely happy little baby girl she is! She had smiles for everyone and the cutest little ‘reaching out’ gesture. It’s no wonder though, her parents live a happy creative life with bright colours and positive energy all through their home. I am really pleased at how this shoot came out, i love the vivid colours and the bright and happy tenderness that shines through in the images which is a true reflection of the family.

Jul 25 2009


Ruby is such a gorgeous little thing, photographing her was a pleasure. It was also a great to meet her parents, Sarah and Dave. The funniest aspect of this shoot was that Ruby wasn’t in a smiling mood that afternoon. Trying to get a grin had us carrying on like lunatics in the background. At one point i had to settle down to get a steady photo! That being said i think we got some stunning photos.