Jun 28 2010

Keyla Rose

After a little hiatus from baby photography the latest shoot is up in the gallery. 9 Month old Keyla Rose, Daughter of Ines and Thomas. A fantastic shoot albeit in the smallest of rooms!. That being said i reckon the photos came out really well. To Ines and Thomas, thank you very much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughter, it was my pleasure and a big thank you to Keyla for being such a good little girl for the shoot! Please click on the image to go to to the gallery.

Dec 2 2009

Poppie May

Last weekend i had the pleasure of a photo shoot with nine month old Poppie May, what a completely happy little baby girl she is! She had smiles for everyone and the cutest little ‘reaching out’ gesture. It’s no wonder though, her parents live a happy creative life with bright colours and positive energy all through their home. I am really pleased at how this shoot came out, i love the vivid colours and the bright and happy tenderness that shines through in the images which is a true reflection of the family.

Aug 19 2009

Róisín Mae

My beautiful beautiful niece Roisin Mae, you will be seeing lots of her in this blog. She was born in January this year and for the first time in my Róisín Maelife i think i have almost felt clucky …i said almost! . It’s an ongoing amazing experience watching her grow from her first day in hospital to holding her head up for the first time and just recently learning to commando roll all over the lounge room floor.  More impressive is the effect she has on people around her, i swear she emits some kind of calming , soothing vibe when you are in her company. You can view her photos though the ages in the ‘people’ gallery. I expect i may have to get some more server space even by the time she is walking!

Jul 25 2009


Ruby is such a gorgeous little thing, photographing her was a pleasure. It was also a great to meet her parents, Sarah and Dave. The funniest aspect of this shoot was that Ruby wasn’t in a smiling mood that afternoon. Trying to get a grin had us carrying on like lunatics in the background. At one point i had to settle down to get a steady photo! That being said i think we got some stunning photos.