Oct 27 2009

Summer is coming!

SBenion Beach, Perth WAummer is almost here! Hot balmy nights, ice cold beer or the odd bottle of white,  barbeques, the smell of aero guard, sunburn, freshly mowed grass on Saturday mornings and kids running across the roads with all the predictability of a flock of startled Emus. Then there is the lounging around in the hammock, bevy in hand and of course the trips down to the beach for sunset sessions. I can’t wait!. Last Sunday was the first of these such days.

I received a spur of the moment call to head down to Benion Beach with fellow photographer Katherine to catch that gorgeous Indian Ocean sunset with my cache of Lee Filters, a tripod and a few beers. I was excited to say the least. Upon taking the first few photos with the ND Hard Grads i realised that my landscape photography had just reached another milestone. I really can’t shut up about these things. If i could i would replace the windows in the house with Lee Filters! That’s how much i like them. Ok so maybe i’m getting a little carried away yet for those who don’t know me, getting carried away with things is part of my everyday life.

Our wonderful photo session was followed by a beautiful dinner (sans Garlic Bread …what restaurant doesn’t have Garlic Bread?! ) at the Wild Fig Cafe, accompanied by the soothing notes of a three piece Jazz band playing in the background, distant growls of thunder and blitzes of lighting as we ate and reviewed the photos.

Just Perfect.