Jul 9 2010

Little Archie

Every once in a while i have a little treat in photography. I’m talking about having the wonderful opportunity to take photos of friend’s babies. I did a shoot for Jodi and Pete of their little Archie. Such a nice experience. Congratulations to you both on such a handsome little boy. He’s going to be a heartbreaker …and hopefully a good cricketer! Thanks for the opportunity. Great to meet little Archie too!

Please click on the photo to visit his gallery.

Jun 28 2010

Keyla Rose

After a little hiatus from baby photography the latest shoot is up in the gallery. 9 Month old Keyla Rose, Daughter of Ines and Thomas. A fantastic shoot albeit in the smallest of rooms!. That being said i reckon the photos came out really well. To Ines and Thomas, thank you very much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful daughter, it was my pleasure and a big thank you to Keyla for being such a good little girl for the shoot! Please click on the image to go to to the gallery.

Dec 2 2009

Poppie May

Last weekend i had the pleasure of a photo shoot with nine month old Poppie May, what a completely happy little baby girl she is! She had smiles for everyone and the cutest little ‘reaching out’ gesture. It’s no wonder though, her parents live a happy creative life with bright colours and positive energy all through their home. I am really pleased at how this shoot came out, i love the vivid colours and the bright and happy tenderness that shines through in the images which is a true reflection of the family.

Aug 30 2009

Double Trouble

Keith & JackThis morning had me driving out to My Lawley to photograph two of the most well behaved little men i’ve had the pleasure of meeting. These little guys have so much character! At eight and a half months old you can already see that Keith is going to be the outgoing extrovert and Jack conservative and calculating, such complimentary personalities. Jack and Keith had a fantastic time entertaining us while lounging around on bean bags and chowing down on the odd leaf from the front lawn…  This photo shoot is  going to be a surprise for Helen’s husband who will wake on Fathers day to a few prints of their wonderful twin boys!

Aug 25 2009

Ruby, Meka and Tempest

Ruby & MekaOne thing i can say about this shoot is that these little princesses definitely had me on my toes. Upon distraction from Ruby or Meka for just a second, they would evaporate from that great pose you just explained to them and be  running off with half your backdrop! Thanks to Mum,  once bribed with lollies and an early birthday present they were very well behaved and a pleasure to shoot.  Tempest, the youngest of the three at six months, was one of the easiest babies to photograph. She was every baby photographers dream beaming out smiles and posing for the camera without even needing to move her around!

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