Aug 25 2009

Ruby, Meka and Tempest

Ruby & MekaOne thing i can say about this shoot is that these little princesses definitely had me on my toes. Upon distraction from Ruby or Meka for just a second, they would evaporate from that great pose you just explained to them and be  running off with half your backdrop! Thanks to Mum,  once bribed with lollies and an early birthday present they were very well behaved and a pleasure to shoot.  Tempest, the youngest of the three at six months, was one of the easiest babies to photograph. She was every baby photographers dream beaming out smiles and posing for the camera without even needing to move her around!

Terraze owns and runs the ‘Arts Edge Gallery’ in Joondalup. She specialises in custom, made to size frames and canvas prints.I have a few canvas prints done by her including a gigantic two meter wide abstract print for my lounge room wall and i can recommend her without hesitation. The link to her website is in my blogroll.