Aug 30 2009

Double Trouble

Keith & JackThis morning had me driving out to My Lawley to photograph two of the most well behaved little men i’ve had the pleasure of meeting. These little guys have so much character! At eight and a half months old you can already see that Keith is going to be the outgoing extrovert and Jack conservative and calculating, such complimentary personalities. Jack and Keith had a fantastic time entertaining us while lounging around on bean bags and chowing down on the odd leaf from the front lawn…  This photo shoot is  going to be a surprise for Helen’s husband who will wake on Fathers day to a few prints of their wonderful twin boys!

Aug 28 2009

Swan Kaleidoscope

Midland Bullet

It was most certainly an unexpected and exciting night for me last night… I attended the opening night of the Swan Kaleidoscope Community Photographic Competition after submitting a couple of entries a while ago. The competition is for photos that were taken around the City of Swan in the past twelve months. There were three categories, i entered the Swan Places and Swan Features categories.

My first entry was taken at the back of one of my favourite eateries, Alfred’s Kitchen in Guildford. Once filled on uber tasty hamburgers and nicely toasted in front of the bonfire i set the tripod up out the back in the car park for some long exposures on the trains. The second photo was taken at a very low down angle in Ellenbrook while on a late afternoon walk with my sister and her husband.

After arriving late and missing the presentations for the Judges awards i learnt that i had actually won in two categories!Pussy Willows I am still in shock, these were my first entries into any competition. There were some fantastic photos on display with works from all ages. Congratulations to the other winners! Thank you to the Minister for the Arts, John Day, the City of Swan and the wonderful staff that hosted the night.

An exhibition of the submitted entries opened last night and runs until September 6th at the Midland Town Hall.

Aug 25 2009

Ruby, Meka and Tempest

Ruby & MekaOne thing i can say about this shoot is that these little princesses definitely had me on my toes. Upon distraction from Ruby or Meka for just a second, they would evaporate from that great pose you just explained to them and be  running off with half your backdrop! Thanks to Mum,  once bribed with lollies and an early birthday present they were very well behaved and a pleasure to shoot.  Tempest, the youngest of the three at six months, was one of the easiest babies to photograph. She was every baby photographers dream beaming out smiles and posing for the camera without even needing to move her around!

Terraze owns and runs the ‘Arts Edge Gallery’ in Joondalup. She specialises in custom, made to size frames and canvas prints.I have a few canvas prints done by her including a gigantic two meter wide abstract print for my lounge room wall and i can recommend her without hesitation. The link to her website is in my blogroll.

Aug 20 2009


Bemion Beach

The last few months have seen me concentrating on my child photography and it’s been a while since my camera and i have breathed the fresh air of landscape photography.  Half the fun of landscape photography is being out there,  the road trip of travelling to wonderful places and soaking up the view, clambering over rocks all the time trying not to slip and accidentally hurl your bag off a cliff.  That reminds me of a sunset session down at  Benion Beach with Richard Barry and i chatting away  when we notice his camera bag  float past our feet with the ebb and flow of the tide! Thank  god for waterproof bags. Photographing landscapes sure does leave you feeling real. They say that just witnessing a beautiful sight will make you live longer. I’m planning on going up to Bells Rapids soon with Rich to get some slow water shots so stay tuned.

Aug 19 2009

Róisín Mae

My beautiful beautiful niece Roisin Mae, you will be seeing lots of her in this blog. She was born in January this year and for the first time in my Róisín Maelife i think i have almost felt clucky …i said almost! . It’s an ongoing amazing experience watching her grow from her first day in hospital to holding her head up for the first time and just recently learning to commando roll all over the lounge room floor.  More impressive is the effect she has on people around her, i swear she emits some kind of calming , soothing vibe when you are in her company. You can view her photos though the ages in the ‘people’ gallery. I expect i may have to get some more server space even by the time she is walking!