Marcus, Godje and Erik

Another beautiful morning in Hyde Park photographing friends followed by coffee in East Perth. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Erik was my first ever baby shoot, he’s a year older now and just starting to walk. This time his father Marcus was was back from work so we could get some wonderful family shots. It was also the first time i have had the pleasure of shooting in overcast conditions! Fantastic light makes for some great outdoor photography! Please click on the photo to go to the gallery.

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  • Matty-B

    Peter, fantastic pics (as expected) and a great website. You said you like getting inspiration from Pipsters and other photographers, and you can rest assured you are giving it back.

    Now to get working on a website….

  • Peter

    Thank you very much Matt, It’s nice to know i am giving something back after all the inspiration i’ve had from PIP. Good luck with the website, if there’s anything i can help out with let me know.

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