Bree and David

A while ago i was invited to take photos of some friends of mine at their wedding. I’m new to wedding photography and admittedly i was very nervous about the shoot, especially on the day. Upon arrival at Bree and David’s beautiful house in the hills locality of Darlington my mind relaxed. This was the most gorgeous relaxed wedding! Bree and David are such warm friendly people and that really showed all through the day with friends and family, some from as far away as New York enduring the heat to celebrate their wedding. This shoot was a photographic journalism style of photography aiming to capture the whole day as a candid record instead of the usual posed shots. The shoot came out wonderfully and i think it really suits the wedding. Congratulations to Bree and David and thank you very much for such a great opportunity.

3 Responses to “Bree and David”

  • nicola

    these were amazing shots Peter…:) you really captured the love and happiness so beautifully!!! :)

  • Katherine

    These photos were phenomenal Pete and truly captured what was obviously a joyous (and fun!) day where two people were so in love! I’ll never consider another photographer for an important event again! K. x

  • Peter

    Thanks Nic and Katherine. It was such a fun day with wonderful people and great opportunity to get my foot in the door of wedding photography.

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