Willow Shanks

It’s been a great month of opportunity. Some of which have seen my photography taking different direction. One being that my downstairs living area is empty due to my flatmate moving out. Two is that i stumbled across Image Melbourne, a fantastic place to spend money on studio equipment. Three is that my friend Willow is making her way into show business. …and lastly my fridge is still full of bevvies from last weekend’s festivities.  Put all these together and you have a recipe for some experimentation and mutual benefit. This was my first studio shoot and i can say that i really enjoyed sinking my teeth into it although i underestimated just how consuming it would be, you really have to give credit to people that do this full time. A few hours later and a befuddled head from all that ‘creative thinking’  …ok so it may have been the wine also.  Willow and i are happy with how these shots turned out and i’m looking forward to putting some new ideas into practise.

Thanks for the great company and being such a wonderful model Willow!

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